Markzware, Mary Gay Marchese, PR
Patient Case Number: 09212008

For the past year and a half I have worked with Josue in the Markzware marketing department. He has been great to work with. Josue comes into work full of creative ideas and transforms his ideas into successful marketing campaigns for the company. He is fast, efficient and extremely reliable. His attitude towards his work is very passionate and he cares and very much enjoys what he does. He is a pure delight to work with.

night gallery ceramics

Night Gallery Ceramics, Robert Brown, Owner
Patient Case Number: 07042008

Graphic Surgeons did an amazing job setting up my website. After sitting down with Josue to discuss what features I need, he had a template for me to see within a couple of days. All of my request were put in place, and the site was live within 2 weeks!

Once the site was live, Josue gave me extensive training, so that I could update the site myself. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and service of Graphic Surgeons. They went above and beyond all of my expectations, and their pricing is very reasonable too. I will recommend them to anyone who is in need of a website. Thanks again guys.

living faith

Living Faith Church of Santa Ana, Gil Granado, Pastor
Patient Case Number: 08212005

Living Faith has had the privilege of working with Josue for only a few months now and he has shown to do quality work. Josue and his brother have created a top of the line website for us that is user friendly and yet powerful. Since Living Faith is targeting young Hispanics in the city of Santa Ana, Josue has created a relevant website and flyer’s for our target group. I strongly recommend those considering a website or marketing materials to connect with the graphic surgeons team. They are creative, patient, and the price they give for the quality work they do, cannot be beat.


JN Media Group, Josh Norek, Director
Patient Case Number: 02162004

“Josue Meneses and web medics + graphic surgeons created my company’s website quickly, and efficiently. I was very happy with the work and their ability to get the JN Media Group site online. I would not hesitate to recommend their work to others looking for an affordable graphic surgeon.”

flamenco institute

Claudia de la Cruz Flamenco Institute, Claudia de la Cruz, President & Founder
Patient Case Number: 02192003

“Just in case I did not say it clear enough, I would like to express my sincere congratulations and thanks to all of you who worked on our Tierra Flamenca web site, which is has now GONE LIVE. The whole thing has been a truly mind-blowing experience because of the sheer competence of your team, the efficiency with which the work was done, and the truly pleasant people with whom I have worked. On top of that, you have a fine piece of software in graphic surgeons which delivers even more than I dreamed about originally … I look forward to a strong and continuing relationship over the years as we develop this site into a truly automatic engine of the Tierra Flamenca Dance Company.Thank you again. You have all done a tremendous job! I am proud to have had this opportunity to work with you, Olé!”

trabuco lending

Trabuco Lending, Jaime Naranjo, Director
Patient Case Number: 02102006

“With guidance from Josue, we were able to do a much better job at prioritizing and organizing our information. It’s a world of difference between our former site and our new one. We’ve received some terrific feedback from sponsors and colleagues too.”


Cantamerica Music, Irene Martinez, Management
Patient Case Number: 11212006

“Most web developers don’t respect (or even understand) the artist / client relationship. Josue does. So, instead of trying to guard against someone trying to steal a client, we can work together to develop the best possible website. In the end we’re happy, the client’s happy, and Josue has another success story.”

all variety metals

All Variety Metals, Mario Gutierrez, President
Patient Case Number: 04262003

“Initially I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough flexibility to maintain and evolve our site the way I want to using a content management tool. But my website has turned out to be very powerful and easy to use — exceeding my expectations. Thanks Josue! you and your brother are great people.”

sour pop

SourPop Records, Rene Gonzalez, President
Patient Case Number: 02102004

“Josue combines extensive technology expertise with a real understanding of how to achieve marketing goals. To support this, he has a proven, step-by-step development process that makes completing complex projects seem easy. Josue understand the creative process (as well as creative people) and he’s fun and easy to work with.”

musica urbana

Música Urbana, Cesar Chavez, Art Director
Patient Case Number: 05212004

“Josue was an indispensable part of our efforts to build and launch a new web site. His expertise, hard work and unwavering commitment to our objectives enabled us to exceed everyone’s expectations.”

get flipped

GetFlipped, Helena Pasquarella, Director
Patient Case Number: 07202004

We have been extremely pleased with the creativity and professionalism provided by Josue Meneses. He has an incredible sense of design and imagination, which have given new life to our products. I love the fact that we can just give Josue a general idea of what we want and he is able to create something unique and innovative, especially on a tight deadline! He has been an invaluable addition to our company’s creative palette